Aesthetic Disorder
Forever Cherik and Kylux


其实这篇文我之前已经推荐过了(图1,2是新图,3是之前的),就是WaitfornightThe Swan。当然这篇文不是完全的天鹅湖AU只是保留了那个诅咒的设定,一个以二战为故事背景的fantasy story。可能是因为以前学舞的原因,一直觉得天鹅湖是属于all time favourites的剧目,再加上waitfornight细腻的文笔,我个人认为有兴趣的同好们值得一看~~

SUMMARY: In 1939 Erik and his sister Ruth are sent to Devonshire, England, during the Kindertransport refugee program to live with Kurt and Sharon Marko as foster children just before the start of World War II. Angry, upset, and wishing he could return home on the night of his seventeenth birthday, Erik meets a boy alone in the forest who is cursed to transform each day into a swan, only taking his true form by night.


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